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It's Been A Minute (Well, Maybe More!)

So, lots of people have sent me messages and emails asking how things are going with our new reality here in Las a word? Freaking spectacularly! It took us a minute to find our fitting out here as far as getting around and getting down with the vibe that the town has to offer, but on all counts, it has gone really well. We've found favorite restaurants, stores, bars, craft stores, (well, Leialoha has found the craft stores) and even took up bowling. Yes, you read that right, bowling. Leialoha's sister and her partner have been bowling since they got here in June 2021, and they took us along a few months ago and we LOOOOOOOOOOVED it. For Christmas, Leialoha and I gifted each other shoes and our own bowling balls. How is that going? I'm terrible....Leialoha is much better then me. But we have fun and a million laughs each time we go.

Leialoha did her first craft fair last month and it went amazingly well. People were knocked out by her crafts and she sold a good amount of merchandise. Always remember, if you need any Hawaiian and island inspired crafts, look her up at She's got amazing things! In the meantime, she spends most days in her "office" which is the "casita" outside of the house. I'll try to get some pictures at some point.

Things are developing really well for Tiki Dave here in Las Vegas. I have found a Parrothead home here in town with the Phin City Parrothead Club. They're a great bunch of pholks, (proper PHC spelling) and next Thursday, I'll be doing their monthly phlocking.

I have also settled into a great place called Tommy Rocker's, which is a bar/music/gaming establishment, really well known around here. Tommy is a great guy who is really complimentary about my music, and I'll be opening up for him, (he's a great performer in his own right) October 14th for the "Night Before Party" while Jimmy Buffett's in town for his shows at the MGM.

In addition, I'll be taping my Jimmy Buffett tribute next month for Rainmaker Productions for web broadcast for their series, Vegas Beyond The Strip. I'm excited as they have me coming in with a six piece band behind me of some of the finest musicians in Las Vegas. I'll make sure to get some video to post up after it happens. I've also had positive responses from some of the local showcases that happen around town, and will be doing Mark O'Toole's in Sun City Anthem very soon. I love being a working musician again on's so different from the ships. I love both gigs and will try to balance them both out as best I can.

Anyway, Just a quick update. I'll try to better with these, and don't forget to keep checking in here. Also, don't forget to follow me on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram. Have an amazing day and see you soon!

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