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Viva Las Vegas!

I know it's been a while since I put up one of these, but I'm finally getting my head above water here and decided it's time to do some re-connecting and revamping. I'm going to be re-doing my website and being more pro-active about using it instead of my FB page for certain things. So, bear with me while I figure out 1. What to do with it and 2. How to do it.

For those who do not know, Leialoha and I moved in late-September to Las Vegas. The reasons are fairly well known to all, but sufficed to say, there is much more opportunity both musically and economically here on the Mainland and in Las Vegas. We sold our house, (and actually made some $$$ on the transaction) and are renting a beautiful place in Sun City in North Las Vegas. It is an "active living community" and we are loving it. I enjoy being the "young guy" here, and have found two wonderful ukulele groups to play with...the Ninth Isle Ukulele Club and the group from here in Sun City. I love getting together with them and just playing and hanging out. We also have a good number of Princess folks who live here, as well as Leialoha's sister, so we have a support system already in place.

In the meantime, we are prepping for our return to sea, which will be in January on the Grand Princess. (Fingers listening Omicron?!?!) Sadly, we had our March dates taken away, as the Crown Princess will not be restarting in time for the Hawaiian cruises they had scheduled...sooooooo....I'm dusting off my Uber and Lyft hat and will be doing a little driving to make some cheddar. We are hoping that fall 2022 is kinder to Hawaiian cruising then the last year and a half has been, so we will cross our fingers, and wait for our assignments, which should be coming in the summertime.

Leialoha has kept herself VERY busy with her Kini Kreations, and now has her ultimate crafting room...The Casita! It is meant to be a guest room/building separate from the main house, but she has made it her own, and I must say, I am very envious. Here's a peek:

I finally have my own room/office as well....the new Shaka Shack Studios. It is in the process of being decorated, (no pictures yet) but it will definitely have a tropical/tiki vibe to it with netting, tiki torches, nautical touches and of course, a VERY big TV. I have already gotten back to doingamy Tiki Dave's Ukuleleville Play-Along Party and Shaka Shack performances after about two months away. It's great being back in people's lives on a regular basis, and we are still strummin' and funnin' most Friday's and chilling out on Sunday's. Come join us:

Lastly, I've begun the process of getting into mainland gigging and doing music work off the ship. It's a strange thing, but with the exception of some sitting in gigs and such back in Hilo, outside of the ships, I haven't done a solo and/or band gig on land for almost sixteen years. Yes, I play every night when I'm on the ships, but I missed being a part of the trop rock and live music community on land. So, 2022 will be the year of "getting back". I have trips planned in September and November to Florida where I will be working with some of my old band members from The Coral Reef Revue. I'm looking for places to play throughout Florida and maybe other places in the SE, so if you know of any venues or house concerts that I could come perform at, I'd love to know. BTW, the trip in November is for TBUG, which is a huge ukulele gathering sponsored by the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society. I am stoked that I was asked to be a performer and presenter, so if you are a uke player, make some plans to join is the link:

So, it's Saturday, and I'm due to be online with a few different uke groups on Zoom. I love getting out there and meeting new I try to find as many meetups as possible. Maybe I'll see some of you one of these days online? In the meantime, stay well and don't forget to drop me a line if you have any questions. Stay well y'all! TD

PS: Folks are always asking how to get in touch with me...why not make me a contact? Use this QR code with your phone and save me as a contact...that way I'll live in your phone for whenever you need me!

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